Garmin eTrex H Closepet has become Ramanagara. Movie Sholey was Shot Right here.It’s also a Silk City.

Garmin eTrex H

Close Pete.

The present Town of Ramanagara was known as Close Pete when I was traveling to Mysore along with my brother and father every year once or twice for visiting my uncle and when it was twice it would be to see the Maharaja’s Dasara Garmin eTrex H travelgpshq procession a world famous attraction.The present Dasara procession is no match to the good old day’s when it was going with the personal and state Army men with arms and guns would follow the procession.It was a fancy to change the English Names to local names by the politicians as they perhaps thought it would inspire people and the future generation will forget the name of Close Pete.the name Close was kept during rule of Sir.Barry Close who might have been the collector of the place for a long time from 1756 to 1813 and perhaps it was a birth day gift by the people of the town who showed respect to the persons with power and also as a love for the good work by many of the British Officer who Garmin eTrex H looked after our country with much more discipline than what we see in our govt offices today where the Buck never stops but goes in circles and comes back with questions or with some writings such as put up at the monthly meeting with supporting documents.When I wanted a Sale Document from the Office of the Commissioner of City Development authority it came back to attach a hand written by ink of a document that was written in a book with 1000 pages or more more than 30 years back.A report came that it was not in the page where it was recorded as it was torn by the contractor’s men who transported the books ( More than 1000 perhaps,and they would not allow me in the record room to search )such things perhaps never was experienced by any citizen in those honest days.This town by the hard work of silk farmer in sericulture with initially not of much help which is rearing of silk cocoons.India is 2nd in Silk Cocoon and Silk production but the govt’s silk factory works only 70% of its capasity due to reasons best known to them and their marketing is most customer unfriendly besides the location is a problem for people who cannot walk long distances from allotted parking places.The Army’s Officers Mess must be shifted to make more lung space after Metro Mess.To say Karnataka was in the World Market in Silk Fabrics is not new it is a well known fact. It was the Silk farmers of ClosePete that contributed to this hard fact.In fact the Royal Family has supported Garmin eTrex H the Silk Industry 100 years back and the Silk Mills at Mysore started by the Rulers of Mysore State is currently declared as a Heritage Building by the World Heritage Organization.Even today it has the 100 year old weaving machines working in 100 year old roof supported by wood fabricated structure factory turning out pure gold bordered silk sarees most sought after by the lady’s most copied by the duplicate weaving factories and even now supported privately by the former Royal Family members by name ‘ Royal Silk ‘ The son of the former ruler personaly designs these Silk Sarees which you can buy at the Mysore Palace in Mysore..

Super Duper Joy of Rafting.

I have not seen rafting but will go to Ramanagara to try if I can see it if not do it.Rafting may not be advisable to senior citizens but our Ministers and Presidents have flown Jet Fighter planes going at MACH 2 speed.If you are mentally prepared perhaps it is easy but if you are like some body I know you will not go Rafting.You can perhaps enjoy.The only issue in this article is once you enter in to the game you have to go through it and there is nothing like putting a break if I can say it.I am told the people who take you on assure 100% safty.

Swamy Nityanand came from Tamil Nadu to teach his way of Life.

We all know Swamy Nityanand who was draged by police like a criminal when he was in his ashram teaching meditation in his way and some body got hurt by his method of meditation and spiritual life to lead for improvement in ones life style leading to a good society thought that their future would be in a mess and made complaint and the local police who were perhaps not happy with the rave parties going on in his Ashram rushed to his Ashram before the ink was dry on the complaint and put him in jail in which our police are the best in the world and to let them go on bail be-four the accused gets in to court room and takes a look he is asked to go on bail for few sum of money which the swami spends for his breakfast.The Ashram is still run by him on Govt Land they say and that happens to be the media version if I am right.The Print media or TV is said to have seen a application form to get admitted in to ashram for training is supposed to contain a clause which says that inmates can have sex and that they should accept this condition.It’s free for all perhaps.